3 Festive Campaigns That Scream “It’s Christmas!”

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< Festive decorations at The Hyundai (Source: Newsis) >

Can you believe it’s already time to wrap up 2023? Before you get melancholy over the year ending, there’s still a major event to look forward to- Christmas! Major department stores like The Hyundai and Lotte have already decked out their exterior and interior with festive lights, huge Christmas trees, and artificial snow.

One thing you can’t leave out in Christmas is festive campaigns! In today’s newsletter, we’ll explore some global festive campaigns that have had success in increasing engagement while also lifting people’s spirits and spreading festive joy!

1. Emirates Reindeer

With over 1.9M likes and 18,000 comments, flag carrier of Dubai, Emirates Airlines celebrated Christmas in a unique way in 2022. In a short video shared to Instagram, the A380 plane resembling Santa’s sleigh was wearing a Santa hat and got pulled by reindeers along a runway as it took off. Reindeer are symbolic as they are associated with safe travel and endurance. “Only Emirates! They always do it big”, “A mind-blowing idea and implementation”, “Whoever worked on this ad deserves a raise!” were some of the comments on the video.

에미레이트 항공 크리스마스 캠페인

< Emirates plane transforms into Santa’s sleigh (Source: madhyamam) >

두바이 엑스포 캠페인

< Promoting the Dubai Expo 828 meters above ground (Source: emirates) >

Emirates has always been known to exceed expectations with their promotional videos. The airline previously hit global headlines and social media feeds when they took their brand message to the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. A brave stuntwoman wearing Emirates cabin crew uniform stood on top of the building, which is 828 meters tall, holding a message board with an invitation to visit the Dubai Expo with the Emirates plane flying behind her.

두바이 엑스포 스턴트우먼

< Brave stuntwoman Nicole Sith-Ludvik on top of the tallest building in the world (Source: Lovin) >

Both the Emirates reindeer and stuntwoman videos unleashed the “wow” factor, bringing on an effect of surprise, wonder, and enthusiasm from viewers. The contents were attention grabbing and unexpected, making consumers naturally want to share them to their social media and aligned with Dubai’s “nothing is impossible spirit”. The contents brought on a flurry of responses, with many debating in the comments over whether they were real. In this way, the airline succeeded in getting people talking, which ultimately means success for a viral campaign!

2. UPS #WishesDelivered

< Running since 2014, UPS Wishes Delivered Campaign (Source: Hadock) >

UPS, United Parcel Service is an American multinational package delivery company. Along with their services, they are also well-known for their annual campaign called #Wishesdelivered, which aims to fulfill the dreams of customers.

What if you could make someone’s day by fulfilling a wish for them? Every year, short videos of the wishes showcasing acts of kindness are shared on UPS’s social media. Each time someone shares the video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, UPS donates $1 (up to $100,000) to one of three charities: The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Salvation Army, and Toys for Toys Literacy Program.

UPS 기부 캠페인

< Little Girl, Big Future story from 2018 campaign (Source: shortyawards) >

The campaign is centered around four incredible stories of good that connected with millions of people across the globe. Little Girl, Big Future told the story of the incredible bond between a 6-year-old and her favorite UPS driver. Delivering Hope is about a community coming together to help one of their own after Hurricane Maria. A Wish for Friendship told the heartwarming story of a little girl, determined to ensure no child is ever lonely. And a Soldier's Wish reunited an active-duty soldier and the pup she rescued while serving overseas.

The stories mentioned are from the 2018 campaign, which produced the best results to date, with 374,000+ shares, 28MM+ video views, and 130M impressions.

The main campaign success factor lies in the fact that it is content, not advertising. UPS could easily have created an ad promoting their delivery services, but instead, they took the opportunity to tell authentic, heartfelt stories of real people. The objective was all about spreading goodwill and inspiration, giving back to the community in big ways, humanizing the brand and making people aware of the generous nature of the brand.

3. Google Santa Tracker

A fun way to ring in the festive season! We can’t leave out Google when it comes to having one of the best holiday marketing campaigns. This fun and interactive app is packed with on-theme entertainment, educational games, a Christmas countdown, and of course, a live Santa tracker for Christmas Eve. Using the Santa Tracker app for the month of December has even become a Christmas tradition for many families each year.

구글 산타트래커

< Google Santa Tracker (Source: Google Santa Tracker) >

Introduced back in 2004, Google’s Santa Tracker has become increasingly elaborate in recent times, telling you how far he is from your location, the number of presents he has delivered thus far and even the weather conditions at his current location.

구글 산타트래커

< Google Santa Tracker (Source: Google Santa Tracker) >

< Google Santa Tracker (Source: Google Santa Tracker) >

It is also packed with games, some of which are:

🎅 Santa Selfie, where you can spruce up Santa to get him ready to deliver presents. Have fun with clippers, colored dyes for his beard, and decorations like baubles, snowmen, and tinsel!
🎅 Elf Ski where you navigate an elf safely down the slopes
🎅 A Where’s Wally-esque quest to find Santa in a variety of unlikely locations

< Google Santa Tracker (Source: Google Santa Tracker) >

The Google Santa Tracker not only adds a smile to people’s faces but is also educational. Besides games, there is an info section where you can learn about worldwide holiday traditions and how to say “Happy New Year” in different languages, and interactive stories featuring Santa and various other characters! The vast range of activities helps kids learn and practice their coding skills, develop geographic literacy, build social emotional competencies, and enhance cultural awareness. You get a fusion of both entertainment and education, making it a valuable resource for parents and educators looking to add holiday spirit with meaningful and engaging learning for children. It’s sure to pack lots of fun for the holiday season!

The above campaigns demonstrate that there’s no creative limit when you’re planning your Christmas campaigns, and that the best campaigns provide a touch of joy and are genuinely heartfelt. If you’re looking to carry out a campaign that are authentic and effectively deliver your brand message, turn to Avocado Giant.