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In a quickly revolving world of advertising where 61.4% of marketers have already used AI in their marketing activities, fresh and innovative strategies are necessary for brands to capture the attention of consumers and stay relevant. As technology continues to revolutionize the way we approach creativity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerhouse tool, breathing new life into brand campaigns.

AI-generated advertising uses artificial intelligence to create, personalize, and optimize advertising campaigns. It can be everything from creating any kind of ad copy and visuals to targeting the right audience at the right time. Major brands are quick to jump onto the trend, incorporating AI in their campaigns. Let’s look at some of the marketing campaigns that are blazing the trail for marketing AI.

1. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has been in the advertising game for a long time. Founded in 1892, their first ad ran in a newspaper in 1896. Since then, the company has continued to stay on top of trends and kept their advertising modern. In 2023, Coca-cola set on a major journey into the world of AI to revolutionize its advertising and marketing strategies for innovative campaigns that will leave a lasting impact on consumers.

In the past year, they’ve applied AI to their marketing in a variety of ways, starting off with their “Create Real Magic” contest. Users were invited to combine open AI and historic Coca-Cola ad creatives to make new works of art that would be shared on the website. More than 120,000 pieces of content were posted, and people were interacting with the platform for more than seven minutes.

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Users used the Create real magic platform to create their own artwork around Coca-Cola’s bottle and logo, as well as characters like Santa Claus and polar bears.

A contest was held last March where creators in 17 participating countries could submit their artwork for a chance to be featured on Coca-Cola billboards in New York’s Time Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus. Thirty creators were also chosen to participate in the Real Magic Creative Academy, a three-day creative workshop held at Coca-Cola’s headquarters in Atlanta.

코카콜라 ai 활용 마케팅 사례

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Users could also create their own festive cards for the holiday season through the “Create real magic” platform. Coca-Cola’s venture into AI is all about accessing AI’s potential impact in marketing and engaging consumers in ways they haven’t imagined.

코카콜라 ai 마케팅 사례

< Coca-Cola’s iconic polar bear created with AI (Source: Marketing Dive) >

Another case is the Cola-Cola Masterpiece commercial, which is reminiscent of the movie “Night at the museum”, bringing to life some of the world’s most famous works of art like “Girl With a Pearl Earring” and “Scream”. It is an integration of AI-augmented animation with live action. What really makes it stand out, besides the fact that Coca-Cola is the first major brand to use AI in a commercial, is using AI alongside traditional methods rather than making it the entire content.

The examples demonstrated above show how the brand effectively involved customers to raise awareness and stayed on top of current marketing innovations.

2. Coach

코치 ai 활용 마케팅 사례

< 코치 AI 마케팅 (출처: Marketing Dive) >

Coach recently launched their “Find Your Courage” campaign featuring virtual influencer Imma alongside celebrity ambassadors like Lil Nas X , Camila Mendes, Youngji Lee, and more. Set in a virtual universe, the campaign introduces the Coach Spring collection within a story about finding the courage to discover what it means to be real in your own way.

Inspired by AI and created using CGI, the campaign’s main message is to inspire consumers to seek out all possibilities for who they can be, despite the tensions and expectations in life they might feel. Imma (meaning “now” in Japanese) was the perfect ambassador to tell this story as she challenges the notion of what is considered “real” today. The campaign aims to engage younger consumers around the complexities of identity and the changing definition of what it means to be “real”.

코치 앰버서더 릴 나스

< 이마와 코치의 브랜드 앰버서더 중 한 명인 가수 릴 나스 엑스 (출처: Marketing Dive) >

In a series of videos, Imma visits each ambassador in their own virtual words, learning about each person’s “superpower”, helping her discover what makes her real in her own way

3. Nutella

Nutella leveraged AI to create its “Unica” campaign, which aimed to produce a unique label design for each jar of Nutella sold in Italy. Individuality is a huge part of the success factor for brands in the consumer-packaged goods industry. Once code was written, Nutella’s algorithm would combine various patterns and colors for each design on its own and give a customized ID code so that no two labels would look the same.

< Nutella Generative AI Content (출처: YouTube) >

In total, seven million different versions of Nutella jar designs were made and sold at supermarkets, with all jars selling out within one month. An online and television advertising campaign around the packaging design were also created. It was a very clever marketing strategy, with many unaware of AI playing a major role in the success.

There is no doubt that AI is revolutionizing the advertising industry, which is great news for brands, but it also means they need to hone a strong identity. The best examples of AI in advertising are ones where brands use it in a way that naturally fits in with the company, crafting campaigns that strongly resonate with consumers.

The examples shown above stem from innovation and help the brands better connect and grow with their customers. As these technologies continue to rapidly advance, we can only speculate on what will be possible in the future. After all, AI opens endless possibilities, allowing us to use innovative designs to entertain and inform.

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