Why Brand Ambassadors Are a Must for Your Marketing Strategy

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Gone are the days of using only celebrities or influencers for marketing. To align with the ever-growing popularity and demand for ambassadors for brand campaigns, Avocado Giant has launched an influencer ambassador product!

Through a meticulous recruitment from our exclusive pool made up of only the best and verified individuals, dedicated training process, and seamless execution to timely delivery of results, we make it happen so you can leave a lasting impression on your consumers.

Read on to find out why brand ambassadors are a compulsory consideration for your next campaign!

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

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Ambassadors positively represent the brand with the goal of increasing awareness and sales. They are usually regular customers who are fans of the products, thus enthusiastically endorsing them. In return, the brand offers rewards, event invites, and exclusive access to products.

   1. Content Creation  Producing online content, assuming the role of expert or opinion leader on the product or service they are endorsing.
   2. Live appearances  Taking part in on/offline marketing events such as product launches, pop-ups, and conferences.
   3. Feedback Management  Facilitating communication with brand by listening to consumer’s comments and suggestions.

Nowadays manipulating metrics such as likes and comments is easy with many cheating their way to reach ‘influential status’, and paying influencers big bucks for a post with disappointing results can be draining.

Brand ambassadors are ideal if you are on a tight budget, have a weak online presence, and want someone who has a deep familiarity with your product. They are exclusively for long term relationships, so form more personal connections with their audience than short-term influencers.

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The biggest advantage of brand ambassadors is that they can preach your company or product’s strengths without sounding like a paid aid, and payment can be optional as they are usually happy with compensation through social media exposure, free products, and discounts. Affiliate programs also mean that they make money based on how hard they work to promote the brand, so results in higher quality posts and more content.

Brand Ambassador Marketing Cases

1. Gymshark

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A brand that skyrocketed to success through brand ambassadors is activewear brand, Gymshark, building their brand loyalty entirely through customers and fans posting about them on social media. In the early days, founder Ben Francis would send fitness Youtubers the clothing in support of their channels, relying on them for feedback for product improvement. At this time, the idea of smaller brands gifting online influencers products was still a new concept, and as these Youtubers and athletes started wearing the clothing in their videos, it sparked interest from viewers who wanted to sport them too.

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Fast forward to now, where Gymshark’s use of brand ambassadors has made them one of the world’s leading fitness apparel brands. Their ambassadors are called Gymshark Athletes, giving them a strong sense of belonging, and they wear and promote the clothing at events and on social media, with their images and videos being used for promotional and educational content across the brand’s social channels.

2. Redbull


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Another successful example is Red Bull. Energy drinks are extremely popular, and Red Bull is a pioneer in this category. The main stereotypes among their customers include college students pulling all-nighters during exams, athletes needing an energy boost, or office workers trying to get through the day without nodding off at their desk, all of whom can benefit from Red Bull.

Their brand ambassadors, the Wings Team is comprised of over 4,000 college students and young professionals globally. This is not a typical ambassador position, as aside from promoting the brand on social media, they actively attend college campus events to hand out free samples of Red Bull and market it to the target demographic.

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The program takes a hands-on approach through event marketing, product demonstration, distribution, and social media promotion. Even with traditional ads, Red bull executes them on moving cars or sports jerseys. The Wings Team is hugely successful, with people often queuing up to join, as it offers an opportunity to work outside the confines of an office and socialize with others while also making a small income.

You can leverage brand ambassador content for use in social media posts, product pages, reviews, and even ads. When executed correctly with the right individuals, an ambassador program can be a powerful way to grow your brand, reach your target audience, and grow a loyal customer base.

Turn to Avocado Giant to source brand ambassadors that are the perfect match for your brand. From helping to identify your goals, sourcing the right ambassadors, and closely monitoring all performances, leave all the logistics and execution to us, while you focus on the RESULTS.