Influencer Trends You Can’t Miss Out on in 2024

Cheers to the new year! As we ring in 2024, trend forecasts across all industries are also emerging everywhere. Among them, influencer marketing is an industry that is constantly evolving and changing daily, so it’s important for both creators and brands to stay on track.

According to Insider Intelligence, it is predicted that marketers will collectively spend over $7.14 billion on influencers in 2024.

미국 인플루언서 마케팅 비용

< US influencer marketing spending from 2019 to 2024 in billions (Source: Insider Intelligence) >

Every year brings about new social media platforms, types of content, and new ways for brands to engage with potential customers. With new technologies, content formats, and changing consumer behaviors, it’s important to understand emerging influencer marketing trends. It can also help brands expand their audience, generate new leads, and earn more revenue.

Let’s jump right into exploring the trends for this year and the future of influencer marketing!

1. AI will transform the future of influencer marketing

None of us can be sure of how exactly AI will impact the influencer marketing industry, but it’s for sure that more influencers will be using AI next year. AI can help with all sorts of content creation tasks from writing captions to editing photos and videos. It can also help influencers (and brands) figure out what their followers like by analyzing comments and likes to suggest what kind of content should be posted next. Tools that utilize AI will make it easier for influencers to quickly create high-quality content, keeping their followers engaged.

AI 인플루언서

< AI will transform the future of influencer marketing (Source: Linkedin) >

There is also a rise in virtual influencers, which many big brands are already utilizing. From Lil Miqueela to Roxy and Shudu Gram, they are a considerable option for brands to reach new people and promote their goods, offering a mix of engagement and customization, captivating audiences, and piquing their curiosity. Brands can make sure that the personality, look, and message of an AI influencer are perfect for their target audience and business. With this power, campaigns can be made to be very targeted and really connect with certain groups of people. Going far beyond promoting brands, AI influencers could change many other fields from healthcare and entertainment to customer service and study. They could be a virtual tour guide in museums or be used in scools to give students specific lessons and hands-on help.

버츄얼 인플루언서

< There will be a rise in virtual influencers in the coming years (Source: Thedrum) >

Something to be cautious of is over-relying on AI. While AI tools are great for streamlining tasks, using them too much can make posts seem artificial or overly polished, risking the loss of that genuine, real-life connection with followers. There’s a risk of influencers becoming too dependent on AI for content ideas, which might lead to a disconnect with what their audience truly values. Lastly, there are ethical concerns. For instance, if an AI tool creates too artificial of a scene, it could mislead followers, causing trust issues. In the case of virtual influencers, even if AI leaders look and act like a lot of real people, they may not be able to make the same kind of human connections that real people do.

In the end, it’s all about finding the right balance—using advanced tools to enhance creativity and efficiency, while keeping authenticity and ethical considerations at the forefront. Regardless, the possibilities are endless!

2. Brands will shift toward long-term influencer collaborations

In 2024, it can be expected for brands and influencers to collaborate for long term, ongoing projects rather than one-off sponsored posts.

This shift is driven by the authenticity and trust that develops when an influencer consistently endorses a brand, as opposed to appearances by multiple and constantly changing individuals. It is more credible and makes the brand’s presence in the influencer’s content feel more genuine and less like random advertising. It creates a real sense of community around the brand, and consumers want to be included in that community.

By building up relationships with influencers over time, brands can utilize their expertise, insights, and established large audiences to create consistent brand messaging, increase audience trust, and develop loyal followings. These long-term partnerships can often lead to more creative and innovative campaigns, as the influencers become brand ambassadors, deeply invested in the brand’s success.

Ultimately, the reason for the shift comes down to one major factor: it takes time to make a sale. Even the hottest influencers with the most engaged audiences will have trouble making any real contribution when being paid for a one-off sponsored post. Running a long-term marketing campaign with a certain influencer multiple times can be more effective than a short marketing campaign. Brands are also increasingly becoming more interested in fostering stronger relationships with influencers, much like the ones they have with brand ambassadors.

3. Live shopping will continue to play a major role in influencer campaigns

Live shopping has been increasingly popular in recent years, appearing on a multitude of platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, TikTok, and more. Influencers talk directly with viewers during the events, creating a unique shopping experience that traditional marketing can’t match. This heightened engagement, paired with the time-sensitive nature of live shopping events, drives a sense of urgency and excitement among consumers, leading to quicker purchase decisions.

< Global live streaming market forecast (Source: Research and Markets) >

According to a report from Research and Markets, in 2023 the global live streaming market grew to $1.49 billion from 2022’s $1.24 billion. It is estimated that by 2027, the market will grow to more than $3 billion, indicating an annual growth rate of 21.2%.

In 2024, influencers and other key opinion leaders will continue to promote products to their communities on their favorite social platforms using live video and interactive content.

월마트 라이브커머스

< Walmart’s shopping livestream carried out with TikTok influencers (Source: Supermarket News) >

There are many influencers who’ve successfully used live shopping and partnered with brands. Major shopping retail corporation Walmart has partnered with TikTok creators, bringing 32-second swipeable videos to their site, turning Walmart into its own version of Tiktok with content that allows a consumer to learn more, add products to their basket, and make a purchase, all without leaving the video. So, we can expect to see many more of these types of collaborations over the next year!

4. Influencers will become more specialized (and professional)

This year, influencers will continue to develop expertise in their niche and industry, making them even more sought after by brands. As they become more specialized, it is also likely that there will be a shift in the language we use to address them. We already use the term “creator” or “content creator” a lot. This is not surprising, since many are true specialists in their fields, so they would want to be known for what they really do instead of being lumped together as a “influencer” or “internet celebrity”.

틱톡의 피부과 전문의들

< Dermatologists took over TikTok in the past year as they gave expert skincare advice (Source: Herworld) >

In addition, influencer collaborations are also set to increase. Influencer houses (spaces for creators and influencers to come together and collaborate for content) have already been a huge thing in recent years, and it is highly likely that there will be more of these collaborations moving forward, as they aid in expanding audience and gaining more popularity on social platforms.

What makes this trend so exciting to watch is that it will help all parties to increase the value of their relationships. Brands will be able to implement better campaigns. Influencers will be treated as the professionals that they are. Consumers will find the products that they need at the best price.

5. "Authenticity” reigns supreme over perfectly curated content

For the past few years, there's been a powerful need for “authentic content”. Contrary to what many may think, blatantly sponsored posts themselves are not the problem. What makes sponsored content authentic is a genuine sense of excitement about the brand or product the influencer is talking about.

인플루언서 콘텐츠 마케팅

< Influencer Content Marketing (Source: Forbes) >

Influencers must be careful with the content they create for brands to make sure that the products they post about resonate with their audiences. Even the most engaging influencers are not going to be able to hype up their followers over a product they don’t care about. It will not benefit the brand, and the influencer will likely lose credibility to their audience, and they may even get “cancelled”.

Examples of authentic content may include doing a Q&A about the brand or product, demonstrating how the product is used, or even talking about the things you don’t love about a product or brand. What ultimately matters is making sure followers know that the product, even with its shortcomings, is still the best. The bonus for influencers is that their audience will trust them more, and for brands it will show their integrity. And integrity is ultimately what wins over loyal customers. Authentic influencer content leads to deeper connections between them and their audiences, helping the influencer gain trust over time, ultimately leading to increased engagement.

인플루언서 콘텐츠 진정성

< Highest authenticity is when an influencer shares their experience about the product (Source: Impact) >

Wrapping up our sneak peek of what to expect for influencer marketing in 2024, there’s no doubt that there will be an overflow of creative trends in this industry for years to come. The general takeaway is that brands and creators alike should be ready to change and stay alert. The influencer marketing world moves fast, and to keep up, you must be flexible and be quick to jump on new opportunities.

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