The New Market to Target: Generation Alpha

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< Gen Alpha (Source: Business Insider) >

Until now, the younger generation- mostly in their teens and early 20’s, have been at the forefront of social media platforms and trends. But now, a new generation has emerged - Gen Alpha. Even though they are young, they are already making their mark online. Read on to find out the immense power they have for brands and marketing and why they should be targeted.

Gen Alpha Traits

According to marketing agency Razorfish, the number of Gen Alphas are expected to reach 2.2 billion by 2024. Alphas are born between 2010 and 2024 and are the most digitally native, purpose driven generation so far. They grew up surrounded by technology and are used to focusing on multiple screens at once.

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< The U.S Precise Advertiser Report showed that the app favored by 43% of the children surveyed was YouTube (Source: Exploding Topics) >

Razorfish reports that 51% of Alphas first hear about brands through YouTube, compared to 47% of Gen Z viewers who hear about brands through traditional social platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

Generation Dominating YouTube and TikTok

Unlike other generations who consumed video content mainly through TV, Alphas learn about brands from the content they watch on YouTube. From hauls and unboxing videos to getting ready videos, they seek and enjoy self-directed control over the content they consume.

Aspiring influencers are getting younger, as Alphas are having an increasing presence on video platforms. It is common for them to operate multiple accounts at once, with each dedicated to a different type of content.

The Skincare, Getting Ready with Me, Stanley Cup Craze

Among the contents online, “get ready with me” videos are especially popular, whether it’s for school, going out with friends, or even to a funeral. Many influencers are making a career out of it and as of late, Alphas are doing it too.

스탠리 텀블러

< Stanley cups are the rage among all generations (Source: Business Insider) >

We mentioned how Stanley cups are a hot status symbol in a previous newsletter. Now they’ve become a must-have item among Alphas as well. Stanleys were the most featured item in Christmas haul videos on TikTok, and one mom even said her child was bullied by classmates for bringing an off-brand version of the cup to school.

Skincare is another huge trend, with a notable 68% of Gen Z and Alpha following a skincare routine. Alphas are into “preppy skin care”, which is products with bright and colorful packaging. Representative brands include Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe, and Sol De Janeiro. The hashtag #preppyskincare has over 128 million views on TikTok.

< One of the hottest preppy skincare brands among Gen Alpha, Drunk Elephant (Source: Glamour) >

Having greater access to online platforms and devices has sped up Gen Alpha’s brand maturity at a higher rate. While skincare is important for all ages, children have different skin needs compared to teenagers and adults, so they need different products. Brands that were previously focused on targeting adults are now pulling in Alpha consumers as well, such as Estee Lauder, who released a small skincare collection targeting needs and wants of Gen Z and Gen Alpha.


< Estee Lauder’s “Nutritious” line targeting Gen Z and Alpha (Source: Trendhunter) >

Consumers are getting younger and wanting to use products earlier than ever before, and an early exposure to social media means that Alphas tend to be more image conscious than older generations. Teens are very vocal about what’s important to them whether it’s sustainability, ingredients, or packaging. If brands ignore their opinions, then they will instantly get left behind.

Generation Alpha’s Favorite Influencers

Let’s explore some of the hottest Alpha influencers dominating social media.

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< North West shows her seven step skincare routine (Source: Kidspot) >

Perhaps the most famous are North West, 10, and Penelope Disick, 11, The cousins are daughters of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, and they showcase their skincare and makeup routines, often promoting their family brands like Kim’s SKKN and Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Skin.

It’s not only celebrity children who are making an impact. Katie Fang is also an influencer who has amassed mass popularity with Gen Alpha. The main video that made her go viral was posted in February 2023, where she made a getting ready video while crying. At the time, she had 800 followers, but hit 1 million in the following month.

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< Katie Fang (Source: Glossy) >

She regularly features preppy beauty brands in her videos and her influence is prominent. Many young girls are watching Fang’s content and buying products based on her recommendations.

Key Takeaways

Thinking that Gen Alpha is only influenced by social media and has little buying power is a misunderstanding. Alphas are tech savvy, know the latest trends, and are masters of creating engaging content since they themselves have short attention spans, so know what hooks people. They are swaying parents and family decisions, playing a major role in shaping retail experiences. This is the best time to explore this generation, as the oldest of them are approaching adulthood.

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